Meet Our Spokescats!

Camille and Grendel were a Christmas present from my husband Jim... the best Christmas present anyone ever gave me. Camille is a Platinum Mink Tonkinese, and Grendel is a Suave and Debonair Tuxedo Cat of Uncertain Parentage. (We have five cats altogether, but Camille and Grendel are my special buddies.)

Camille is a very talented, athletic, and tireless fetch player. She also loves to sit on and ride around on our shoulders, and washes our hands and faces. She is the tiniest cat in the house, but also the bossiest... she washes, mothers, and bosses around all the other cats, who are all much bigger than her. She only weighs six pounds.

Grendel loves all boxes and bags. Any new cardboard box or paper grocery bag set down anywhere in the house will soon have Grendel in it. He greets us when we get home with enthusiastic headbonks, and sometimes grabs our heads and tries to wash our hair. He has to wear claw-caps because he is so enthusiastically affectionate, but never learned how to keep his claws in.

Camille and Grendel say hello!


All pet photography by Emily Rieman of Best Friend Photography.

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