Web & UX Design

I've designed and/or contributed to the user experience (including appearance, information architecture, user interface, and task flow) for many web sites and web-based applications. Here are a few.

The Community Glossary provided an inexpensive, community-based way to create IT terminology glossaries for small and emerging markets. The creation of new IT terminology glossaries enabled Microsoft to create Language Interface Packs, thereby extending personal computing technology to speakers of minority and historically underserved languages. Involving communities in the initiative ensured that the resulting terminology glossary is authentic and accurate to the local language and culture. The resulting glossaries are free for anyone to use, including other software developers.

I designed the user interface and built the front-end of the Community Glossary web application, and wrote parts of the functional specification, including contributing to the requirements for the SQL database structure and backend functionality. I also designed and built the front-end of a related web app, the Microsoft Terminology Community Forum. This was used to vet and improve the translation quality of already-localized versions of Windows.

Designing and building the UX for these tools was an interesting challenge for many reasons. We had to provide different levels of access and functionality in each part of the webtool, based on the current user's status (guest, contributor, moderator, or administrator). And we had to provide each of these roles with the ability to easily control different aspects of the project. We also had to provide the ability to filter and sort the terminology database based on many different criteria.

I designed and built the Help system for Windows XP Starter Edition. Priorities for this project included localizability, support for bi-directional languages, market customizability, and cost-effective production and maintenance.

I designed, built, and managed numerous websites and site sections, both internal and public, for employers and clients such as Microsoft, MSN, T-Mobile, Computer Associates, and Tattoo Media. This is the home page of a site I designed for Windows International.